Humans are by their very nature afraid of the other. Evolution has given us instincts that make us fear people different from us. So we build invisible walls, draw arbitrary lines that separate us into homogeneous groups based on color, caste, race and creed. We fence ourselves inside these artificial barriers. When placed outside our comfort zones we instantly gravitate towards the familiar, someone who speaks the same language or is from the same country or city. This is because there is safety in numbers, there is safety in the familiar. This must have helped us in our evolutionary struggles when the world was a fearful place where dangerous predators and unforgiving nature picked off the weaker ones or sometimes even the ones who did not conform.

But what if evolution sprang a surprise on us by throwing an unexpected curve ball? What if the next stage of evolution makes us look obsolete? What if, say through genetic engineering or purely evolutionary means, a new breed of humanity is born, equipped with powers we can only dream of or perhaps read only in comic books? How would we deal with that reality? Would we learn to exist in the midst of such ‘different’ people or would we give in to our instincts and try to destroy the emerging threat? Would it be our turn to become extinct?

It is in such a world Heroes is set in. A world where anything is possible. A world where being special takes on an entirely different meaning. A world on the cusp of immense change.

(To know more about the series go here).

2 responses to “Heroes”

  1. Mahati says:

    So many people have been suggesting I watch Heroes. I thought it was just a fad. But if you and my office-mate are taking a sincere interest in it, I think I’ll give it a go. It sounds intriguing and (as I’ve been repeatedly told) inspiring!

    PS – I take it you’re very busy with the thesis?

  2. Anil says:

    Mahati: Yes, the first season was really good but the second season so far hasn’t been that great. You will like the series more if you like superhero comics as the show is produced in the format of a comic.

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