May 2007, Cologne.

Ilford Pan-F Plus 50

Pan F-Plus 50 is definitely a tricky film to use especially in a shutter priority fixed lens rangefinder. The results I’ve got from the one roll I’ve shot so far have been less than satisfactory. The film is too contrasty for street or general photography and of course needs lots of light and stable hands. And you need to be very good with your technique to get good results with the film. Still, when exposed properly it shows very very little grain and produces really nice tones as seen in the above photo. And that special tonality does add drama producing photos full of atmosphere and mood. For now though, until I improve my technique, I’ll stick to Fuji Neopan 400. Neopan is more forgiving exposure wise, has very fine grain even though its a fast film and produces just the right amount of contrast imo making it a very versatile film to use.

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