Within Without

Within Without

January 2007, Berlin.

To my intense surprise I learnt today that I’m a finalist for the 2007 Photobloggies under various categories as I never do well in popularity contests. This photoblog is a finalist under the categories of ‘Best Southeast Asian Photoblog’, ‘Best Black and White Photography’, ‘Best Abstract Photography’, ‘Best Portrait Photography’ and the biggest surprise of all, ‘Photoblog of the Year’! The judging process is ongoing and the results will be announced in Chicago at the end of April apparently. Looking at the quality of the other photoblogs I seriously doubt if I’ll win anything so it is honor enough that I’m a finalist. Therefore, at this point, I’d like to thank everyone who nominated this photoblog. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you very very much. Moving on, do check out the many excellent photoblogs nominated under various categories here.

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