We Were In It Together

We Were In It Together

February 2005, Hyderabad.

An art installation at the State Art Gallery by an artist whose name I cannot recall. The gallery had been recently opened then and is housed in a building made up of assorted design elements. It was as if the architect was trying to put in everything he had learnt in architecture school. But the whole experience was rather interesting from a photographic p.o.v. The outdoor gallery cafe has an amazing view, perfect for having a cup of coffee in the evening and watch the sunset. The gallery mostly exhibits modern art but ironically it does not even seem to have a presence on the net! In addition, although the gallery was built at great expense, like most government galleries/museums in India it was languishing in a state of semi-obscurity. When I visited it with a friend, I think we were the only two visitors in the whole building! There was not even any basic security for some of the art installations and paintings. I hope the situation has changed now and more people in Hyderabad know about its existence. I also hope they take better care of whatever art they put on display there as it is a nice place to check out the results of the contemporary art scene in India.

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