The Kherlanji Incident

Where is the humanity in this? Is this the very land where apparently tolerance is ingrained in our very blood? Is this happening in the same country where the government is bending over backwards to build nuclear bombs and lobby for a permanent seat in the Security Council when the police cannot be depended upon to protect those who need it the most? This is human nature at its darkest.

To read that the whole village, including women, stood by and watched as Surekha (45 yrs old) and her daughter Priyanka (17 years old) were beaten, mutilated, disfigured, tortured and gang-raped to death. To read that her two sons, Roshan (23 years old and blind) and Sudhir (21 years old), were beaten to death and their genitals mutilated makes me frightened to think about what is happening in the ‘other’ India. An India, where being born into a lower caste is like being cursed for life, where justice and human rights are words without any meaning, and where police and other public officials are puppets in the hands of a powerful few. This is not the ‘news’ the rest of India is fed. This is not the ‘democracy’ the high and mighty of the political elite want the world to see. This is not the ‘equality under law’ the politicians preach.

So speak out my dear friends. Talk about this on/in your blogs, phones, drawing rooms, offices, street corners, restaurants, pubs, clubs, discos, coffee joints and spread the word. Tell everyone you know about how the dreams of three youngsters and their mother were brutally erased. Talk about how the police even now ignore basic procedures and protect the perpetrators. Talk about how justice is only the preserve of a select few in today’s India. For even talking is better than being silent. For perhaps someone somewhere in the corridors of power will listen and take action.

2 responses to “The Kherlanji Incident”

  1. Tushar says:

    One thing about the incident is that dalit organisations have not been passive. There has been a lot of violence in Nagpur and the incident has had repurcussions even in Mumbai. Maharashtra has been the cradle of Dalit consciousness and militant dalit organisations (Dalit Panthers) have been active.

  2. Karam says:

    Shame on these bastards. How can someone be so cruel to another humanbeing. I am from a small village where people from different caste/religion fully support each other in their happiness and sorrow. They have given a bad name to our multi cultural society and country. They should be given severe punishment for the henious crime they have committed. Karam

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