Road Rage

Another dream(s) crumbles to dust under the wheels of a spoilt brats car. Six labourers were mowed to death last night on Carter Road in Bandra by drunken louts driving a Toyota Corolla. That’s six innocent lives snuffed out by a reckless 20 year old who has daddy’s money to throw around. The dead include a pregnant woman and two children. So if you count the unborn child as a separate entity that’s seven people. As always (anyone remember the Salman Khan case?) the people at the receiving end were daily wage labourers who lived in tin sheds on the pavement on Carter Road and the killers were teenagers who had been partying at the Taj hotel till the wee hours before they embarked on their drive from hell.

So apart form the hue and cry in today’s papers (it has made front page news in ToI and IE) who will spare a thought for those killed? Life will go on as usual; People will rush about with their daily grind, People will jostle for space on the Churchgate fast local and A few anguished souls will vent their angst in the blogosphere.

The bastards who did this will all cry in front of the TV cameras and say they didn’t intend to do it, that it was all a mistake and then work their way around the courts. Because they are rich enough to hire expensive lawyers who know how to beat the system. Already, the lawyer of the guy who was driving (Alistair Parreira) has said “What happened was unfortunate, but it was an accident and not intentional.” Not intentional!!! You moron, your client may not have intended it, but six people are DEAD. And he has to pay the price. Listen to Alistair’s uncle: The car was speeding and anything could have happened to the youngsters. Allistair blamed the car instead.

Welcome to India my friend. The land of the 5000 year old civilisation, the land of Gandhi and JP Narayanan, the next world superpower. Oh yeah, did someone mention the fact that if you are rich you get away with murder (literally) and if you are poor your conditions are so wretched you wish you were dead. There are enough rich drunken people out there willing to oblige.

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