Song of a Shadow

The smile of the sun
The sunshine of a smile

The sound of a storm
The darkness of the damned

The song of a shadow
The laughter of light

The tears of terror
The poverty of power

The color of corruption
The silence of sound

The texture of time
The memory of mood

The symmetry of solitude
The music of madness

The loneliness of love
The poetry of passion

4 responses to “Song of a Shadow”

  1. inkblot says:

    the effervescence of expression


  2. Ô¿Ô says:

    This piece seems to have some wonderul reflexion symmetry. Powerful conveyance of thoughts, as well.

  3. Anil says:

    inkblot: *grins*…fits perfectly…thank you!

    Ô¿Ô: Thank you as always…this was a sudden outpouring.

    Belle: long time! *smiles* thank you.

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