One Year!

One Year!
One year! I find it hard to believe that I’ve reached this milestone! When I started I had no idea if I’d find the motivation to continue with this for so long. Of course, I never did attain the ideal of one new photo everyday but 257 photos in a year is one statistic I’m insanely proud of 🙂 Looking back, it had been an amazing ride so far. I’ve never had formal or even informal instruction in photography so whatever I picked up, good or bad, has been on my own. I’ve learnt so much, trying to see things in different and hopefully fresh/new ways, lost a little of my shyness in approaching people and shooting in public places. And in the process, I’ve begun to love looking at the world around me through a viewfinder. I hope this journey will continue for many more wonderful years.

And last but not definitely the last a big big thank you to all the visitors here. Thank you for your silent support. Without your invisible presence egging me on to shoot better the ride wouldn’t have been half the fun it has been!

(I’m off to England for a little vacation so a new post will be up only in the middle of next week.)

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