Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine
Yesterday, after days of dreary rain, the weather here cleared suddenly. To not miss the window of opportunity I immediately took off with my cameras and went towards the Rhine river. I got a few pics which I’m happy with. You can expect to see them over the next few days.

This one is from the top of one of the bridges over the Rhine. This photo has gone through substantial PP as I wasn’t happy with the way it had come out. Mainly, I increased the dynamic range to make the clouds stand out better, which was the original intention behind taking this shot. In the end, I’ve to say I like the way this photo has come out. When I started PP I had no idea I would end up with this!

3 responses to “Over the Rhine”

  1. Kevin says:

    The clouds definetly are very dramatic in this shot, yet they still look natural. Cool Shot.

  2. Micki says:

    All your work, both running down to the river and in PP paid off. This is a very dramatic image.

  3. aj says:

    its a very nice scene, i only wonder what it looked like in color. The sky and river vs the cement buildings and bridge. is there a reason you went BaW?

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