Traveling Through Time I

I look in the mirror
To find those dreams
You carved
On my concave cheeks


Trace my eyebrows
With your rhymes
As they arch over
Your words left unsaid


I felt your love
Like petals of water
Inside my
Sleeping heart


My voice remained
Inside your
Partitioned heart


Patience doesn’t grow
On discarded feelings
Nor does it wait for
Those blinded by ego


Sometimes love
Is like a train
Moving away from you
As you are arriving


Starting with today, over the next few days, I’ll post some of the photos I shot while taking a walk through a park near my lab a couple of days back.

This photo was a completely random shot. But while reviewing the photos from that day, it seemed to present some interesting possibilities. So I put it through some ideas and this was the result. Nothing serious, just channel mixed in monochrome with the sky pushed near white, then opacity of the layer reduced to zero to retain the faint sepia-like color of the auto white balance and some sharpening in the end to finish things. I think this processing perfectly reflects the title of the photo, and which, in the first place, attracted my eye!

Kiss Me

Kiss Me
I had noticed this in a shop window while on the way to work a few days ago and had made a mental note to take a photo the next time I had the camera with me. Today, I took my camera out after a long time so I managed to shoot this. Later in the afternoon, I went out with a friend to a park near my lab and took some photos in spite of the freezing cold…brr! While coming back we were rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. But more of that stuff in the days ahead!


I could not manage to post-process the other water droplets photo that I was supposed to post today. So here is something from my film archives instead. This is a photo of an acquaintance from my last trip to Berlin in June 2005. This was shot on top of the Reichstag. I like the dreamy expression in his eyes even though that was only a pose!