Traveling Through Time I

I look in the mirror
To find those dreams
You carved
On my concave cheeks


Trace my eyebrows
With your rhymes
As they arch over
Your words left unsaid


I felt your love
Like petals of water
Inside my
Sleeping heart


My voice remained
Inside your
Partitioned heart


Patience doesn’t grow
On discarded feelings
Nor does it wait for
Those blinded by ego


Sometimes love
Is like a train
Moving away from you
As you are arriving

7 responses to “Traveling Through Time I”

  1. Extempore says:

    You combine honesty and art in a way that can only make the heart feel the empty beat of melancholy.

    My kingdom, my friend, to emulate this:

    I felt your love
    Like petals of water
    Inside my
    Sleeping heart

  2. transience says:

    your last verse makes me regret that part of love sometimes. just when you thought you were on time, when the heavens said that THIS was going to be your day, you lose it.

  3. Memories are often like Reflections in the liquefactious layer on your eye are something like a salty convex mirror of tears.

    v nice specially the last bit

  4. Mermaid says:

    I felt that drop of water, that petal of love. It conjures a delicate and lovely image, Anil. Your last stanza really hit home.

  5. Anil says:

    Extempore: What can I say to such words? Thank you dear for your lovely words.

    transince: Isn’t it? I always have had problems with that aspect of love.

    Zofo: I got he context of your comment once I hopped over to your blog and read your entry on memories…you have put it very poetically although I don’t think I understand it completely!

    Mermaid: Thank you as always for the lovely words you leave behind.

  6. Genius. Sheer genius. As usual.

  7. Finch, Scout says:

    so much pain.
    beautiful i say.

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