Of Words, Of Writing

I want to write. I want to write until the stars stop exhaling light. I want to write so as to embrace myself with the cuddly comfort of words well formed. I want to write like a Homer or a Valmiki, a vessel for words flowing out from my deepest wellsprings. I want to write until dust begins to settle on the tips of my toes. I want to write until the emotion wringing my heart is sated and put to sleep. I want to write till the tears behind my eyes translate into beautiful words. I want to write till I can feel no more. I want to write until all that is there ceases to exist and all that is to come is taking birth between my words. I want to write like God breathing life into mud and fire.

I want to write about languorous love, about lingering dew, about an orange dawn and a melancholic dusk, about wise whispers of the old, about sweet nothings of new lovers, about wintry mornings and rainy afternoons, about fresh air flowing through my lungs, about glorious feelings and wistful youth, about adolescent heartbreaks and everlasting love. I want to write about all the feelings that travel, tremble and tumble inside and around us.

I want to write about the many loves I found, about the sadness I learnt, about the warmth I gained and the memories I cherish. I want to write about you, me and everyone. I want to write about a bright tomorrow, a rosy yesterday and an unnoticed today. I want to write about moments we do not remember, like flowers smiling outside the window, like sunshine warming our hardened skin, like words we hear but do not listen to.

Oh, I want to write until I’m drowning in the thousand different voices of my words. I want to write until my fingers ache with a sweet pain. I want to write until the song in my heart fades into a distant echo.

I want to write until verbs weep, adjectives inspire and nouns conspire with the help of mischievous adverbs. I want to soar on the wings of ecstatic adjectives, joyous verbs keeping me company while I taste the lilting sound of nouns rolling around my smiling mouth. Words, words, words, I want to swim in their glittering midst, forgetting the mundane life outside their limpid depths.

I want to learn with my words, as they arrange themselves in perfect order, conjuring meaning out of chaos. I want to grow old in their nostalgic company, leaning on them for support in a lonely and loveless life. I want to be laid to rest with a wreath made of my words and a couplet carved in stone as my headrest. And if there is an afterlife or a heaven, I wish I’ll still have my words to sing me eternal songs of all that is wise and wonderful, of all that is a pure and divine joy.

12 responses to “Of Words, Of Writing”

  1. Mermaid says:

    My favorites were the 4th and last paragraph. I especially resonated with the part about “conjuring meaning out of chaos”. Any writer who feels deeply about his/her work can relate to this. Thank you for this holiday gift.

  2. Aran says:

    Anil, that was so absolutely awesome. Too perfect for words. I’ve completely fallen in love with it. I can’t begin to tell you what all I liked especially. Felt this way about something you wrote after a long time.

    Homer and Valmiki, yes. 🙂

    If you’re still going to read your stuff aloud, please start with this. It just begs to be said out loud. Actually, just do it as soon as you can.

  3. Ô¿Ô says:

    That was quite a tour of meaning, ideas, and the art of stringing words together to form a symphony. There was never a lull; each line equal or greater than the previous. Excellent piece!

  4. SilvermOOn says:

    I enjoyed reading your fervent and energetic prose. It sparkles!

  5. finnegan says:

    It seems to me that some of your fantasies here have already come true. Inspiring post!

  6. sita says:

    I wonder why this was filed under Fantasy. 🙂

  7. Anil says:

    Mermaid: It was a pleasure writing and sharing this. Thank you.

    Aran: You made my day when I read your comment. Thank you my dear. I cannot add anything more. (About the reading part I don’t know if I’ll ever take it up).

    Ô¿Ô: I’m glad you liked this labor of love. Thank you.

    SilvermOOn: *smiles* thank you.

    finnegan: if only what you say is true! Thank you.

    sita: ah, you are very perceptive my dear! but it is just that, a fantasy *winks*

  8. lorena says:

    and i want to read everything you write about.
    i love this intense, passionate and amazing writing.

  9. Anil says:

    lorena: *smiling*..sure why not! I’m flattered that you would want to…thank you my dear for such wonderfully warm and encouraging words…

  10. I too want to write…write…Truly brilliant words with a deep insight and very elegantly strung together, to define a profound meaning within a few choice but apt words which sum up a basic truth about life, faith, belief and various other truths I have encountered in my life.

  11. Anil says:

    Zofo: I hope your wishes will come true too…it is a precious gift to be able to weave magic with words…very few are blessed with it…

  12. Jackal says:

    ‘I want to write about a bright tomorrow, a rosy yesterday and an unnoticed today.’

    This line stood out.

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