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  1. Φ says:

    Probably could be venus and her son. Reminds me of Battista works seen in Italy. Do you spend more time with the photoshop tools trying to deliver effects, i feel straight shots without much alteration looks classy. For eg this one and the “staring”.

    I use more of B/W and sepia to emphasize feel-the-moment look and medival feel. Only for “objects” at times I manipulate the color with the software, but otherwise let em remain as it is.

    Will soon post mine, do pass ur valuble comments.

  2. Anil says:

    Φ: Actually, I hardly ever do anything in Photoshop. I only do the basic stuff,tweaking levels, curves, saturation, shadows/highlights and some color correction. Basically, stuff that is done in any traditional dark room.

    It is only in special cases like ‘Faces II’, ‘Boat Ride’ or ‘Aural Mood’ that I use some special effects to give the photos a different feel. And then I clearly state what effects I used on them.

    However, with the images I scan from my film negatives I’ve begun to do more. I use some dodging to get more detail in as somehow my scans end up looking dull and grainy. I guess I’m not doing something right while scanning.

    Well, it is a huge debate as to whether using photoshop is manipulating an image. I won’t get into that pointless debate so let me just say that I tweak as long as it does not alter the fundamental reality of the shot.

    Sure, would love to see your pics. Do you post them on your blog or in a different place?

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