Haven’t been posting regularly out of pure lazyness! This might be the last in the recent series of ‘people potraits’, for now. You can see how my Sigma zoom lens goes soft at this focal length when you look at the people in the background. And there is some color fringing too. But forget all that and concentrate on the lovely moment in the foreground. This is what makes photography such fun! (The image is cropped a bit on the right from the original).

2 responses to “Composing”

  1. apurv says:

    You didn’t disclose what they were trying to capture.
    On a side note, did bulk messages actually cause problems on your blog or were you just experimenting with Captcha?

  2. Anil says:

    Apurv: Oh, they were shooting the Dom which is a huge gothic cathedral in Cologne.

    Well no, I haven’t had problems with spam yet if that is what you mean. But deleting comments on folderblog is a little tedious so I decided to take the safer route and implement Captcha.

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