Forgotten Images

In the black light
Of night
I want to merge
The acme of my emotion
In your fervent receptacle


The warm afternoon
Plays hide and seek
With our shadows
As we stare
At each other
And wonder
How many years
Have gone by
In the outside world


We walked
Through the silent leaves
In our heads

We talked
Through our thoughts
Making patterns
In our eyes

We united
Through the limpid waters
Collected from
Our frazzled souls


And I looked
At the sky
To see
Dark clouds
Form your face
Distant, unperturbed
By my fears
And desires


We talked
Through the night
About old loves
And new wants
Holding hands
Watching the dew settle
On the tired grass


In your ears
I whisper
Sublime sounds
Making you
Squirm with
Repressed passion


You sleep
Beside me
Golden dust-motes
Around your head
I look at you
And wonder
Why you love me


I lie
In you arms
You ask me
“Is there love dear?”
I smile
“Look at me?”, I say
Question answered


In the shade
We sit
Back to back
Watching the sunlight
Create warm patterns
On the fallen leaves
The slow breeze
Flowing through us
Like a brook of bliss


I sit here
Counting the snowflakes
In your wet hair
Drops of water
Drip down your cheeks
I lean forward
And lick them off
Colored waters of love, from
The depths of your pensive soul


At the end
Are we?
Scaling our thoughts
But not the feelings

Do we really understand
Each other?
Or is it a masked dance
Of decaying deceit?


Enough now
Of this hide and seek
Let’s lift the blindfold
And see
Everything as it is

My love
Spread like used color
On the floor
Your love
Curling into corners
Each scared
Of the other’s
Iron grasp


I was
A fool
To believe
Your fingers
As they traced
The outlines
Of our hollow love


Our stream
Has come
To a stop

17 responses to “Forgotten Images”

  1. transience says:

    you have a way with endings. curtain call!

  2. Geetanjali says:

    Can feel this one vibrate with suppressed needs…it’s very very alive.

    As someone who enjoys colours and painting, I loved the analogy of love spread out like used colour.

  3. Extempore says:

    This one, I think, builds to a crescendo. The first stanze does not do justice to the brilliance of the rest of the poem. I hope I do not offend… tis only my second time here and I should not like you to ask me to leave! 🙂

    The way you paint the anguish is superb. The images, the colours – really lush.

  4. rusty says:

    May be its only a temporary stop….the surge of emotions , the push of passion…wd surely make way ….

  5. Jai says:

    every line, ever phrase has beauty in its own sense for me to differentiate, iit all falls in line, same sentiment in different forms or words, just one message.

  6. . : A : . says:

    Good outline of the twists and turns. There are some parallels in this with my current post. Have a look and let me know.

  7. yvaine says:

    This poem was a film in my head. So beautiful.

  8. So much love and I wish it could fall on my way

  9. finnegan says:

    Your pain is palpable in this. The ending in autumn (with drying rivers which once flowed) is the perfect seasonal metaphor for loss. Colors going explosive before being snuffed out for the winter.

    The spring is waiting though.

  10. Can you do me a favour and give me your views on my latest post.It’s the first time I’ve ventured into what I posted.

    Your feedback would be very helpful:)

  11. Anil says:

    transience: *smiles* blame it on O. Henry and Roald Dahl!

    Geetanjali: ah, thank you…these pieces are quite old actually written over a period of time, reflecting my states of mind at those points.

    …so you paint is it? surprise! I never knew…why don’t you put them up online? would love to see them…

    Extempore: first thank you for the feedback and lovely words…nah, not at all, at all times please feel to speak your mind that…I value your criticial honesty…

    …and in this case you spoke the words that were in my mind…I had been wary of the first stanza too and had been thinking about removing it…and so I did a little later..consigning it to the ignonimityo of the delete button!

    rusty: of course, isn’t everything temporary on a large enough time scale ( as Tyler Durden said!)?

    Jai: you describe them so well…thank you…

    :A: thanks…and I did!

    yvaine: film, yes, I see it now. funny, I hadn’t noticed that aspect…

    Nasra: ah but why would you want such love? a love that was ephemeral…

    finnegan: as always you offer a penetrating insight into what I write…but alas! the spring is long gone…I can feel winter’s frosty breath on my cheeks already…is it still spring in Zurich?

    Lc: your wish is my command, my dear lady, I complied forthwith!

  12. finnegan says:

    Not only is spring gone (having been chased out by summer) but fall is falling fast. I fear this winter is going to last and last.

    Which of course will make next spring all the more dramatic and welcome, no?

  13. Anil says:

    finnegan: oh has it? Switzerland is one place I’ve been wanting to see for sometime now but never seem to be able to plan it. and Zurich would be my primary destination if I ever make that trip…have heard the winter is beautiful there…no? the worst thing I hate about winter is the layers and layers of clothes one has to wear to venture out…my sub-tropical upbringing just rebels against that!

  14. ravi says:

    Lovely set this one.

  15. stella says:

    this is poetry. 🙂

  16. SilverMoon says:

    Stunning poem! Its profound impact shot emotions through me upon the first read.

    Your devastation upon betrayal is crystal clear. The build-up to those wham, slam daggers jabs with a sudden blow is definitely effective. I can only imagine your pain. I’m sorry.

    Then I was compelled to read it again a few times, savoring each image and thought, for this is art with words.
    (I”m sure it would touch me deeply even if I wasn’t a visual artist, as at least one other commmented here.)
    It’s a treat to have found your site from Nasra’s link list.

  17. Anil says:

    ravi & stella: thank you…

    SilverMoon: what can I say? a thank you seems so simple compared to the lovely words you have left…but that is all I can offer…and I’m equally glad you made it here…

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