Dew drops
Line your lips
I lick them off
Tasting the smile


The rose blooms
In your eyes
And fills me
With the fragrance
Of your soft skin


I open
My mouth
And speak
Your name
Hear my
Heart beat


My fingers
Moving along
Your curves
Finding, feeling
Love’s many shapes


The sun shines
In my eyes
And in the
Bright blankness
I see you looking
At me
With a slow smile
Forming a single dimple


My eyes-
Mirrors of love
Swirling with
Fragments of you


All the thrills of life
if distilled will not fill
my eyes with enough
tears to cry for a love
lost without you

15 responses to “Thesis”

  1. samudra says:

    Tasting the smile

    Every line there,so fervent,so full of pain and love…….and the enormous feeling expressed so succintly,amazing one this!


  2. transience says:

    god, you have the heart of a true romantic.

  3. Mermaid says:

    “My eyes-
    Mirrors of love
    Swirling with
    Fragments of you”

    I still am speechless as to how a sci-fi writer can be so good with love poetry as well.

  4. . : A : . says:

    Very romantically written, Anil. I like how your versitality moves from piece to piece.

  5. paddy says:

    wow now that is for sure written for someone special

  6. gulnaz says:

    romance dripping of these words here!!
    what a lovely poem of love you have written here. 🙂

  7. Soulless says:

    The last stanza reminds me of standing at a field, alone to face the sky, hurling both words and soul to the heavens. Sigh. You have touched a chord in my soul yet again. ^_^

  8. This piece has such a wonderful sensuality about it.

    Especially, I love the lines: “Tasting the smile
    Underneath.” That’s wonderful.

    Also: “Finding, feeling Love’s many shapes” That’s so sensual.

    The last line is so poignant.

  9. anil says:

    *takes a bow* thank you all very much, truly…

  10. Geetanjali says:

    Tell me again, pourquoi tu ne veut pas lire tes poemes romantiques en public? C’est vrai, que qulequ-un a dit – you have the heart of a true romantic. Ces poemes sont vraiment romantique…:-)

    The anti-thesis compliments it beautifully – completing a story often left open for the reader to fill in blanks…which s/he normally would fill in optimistic tones…harder-hitting your version, but also so true…and as always very very poignant. Lyrical. Reads well.
    (Why are comments off for that one?)

  11. stella says:

    i can feel the aching in my heart through the expression of your words. ‘my eyes-mirrors of love’ – such a true reflection of the depth of one’s emotions… you touched upon it with such precision. nice.

  12. finnegan says:

    These words ache, they are so lovely. If I could write like this, I’d be able to attract a harem.

  13. anil says:

    Geetanjali: I think I’ll drop you a line and answer your questions…but thank you for your critical input…

    stella: as always thanks a lot for your warm words…you are a dear…

    finegan: you know what I coudn’t help but burst out laughing at your comment…ah but I guess I do not have your talent with women otherwise I’d have had a harem by now!! and thank you….

  14. lorena says:

    WOW. this was so sensual, so beautiful.
    “My eyes-
    Mirrors of love
    Swirling with
    Fragments of you”
    be still my heart 😉

    and it ends so sadly and it makes me sad.

  15. anil says:

    lorena: you are such a dear..always saying such nice things about my words…as always thank you so much..but don’t be sad..this was meant to celebrate love…

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