when the shadows begin
            to lengthen
the huge distance between
            you and me
I take a deep breath and
             play back all
those quiet moments we
under those trees and rocks
            when the sun
was low and the light fading
            our fingers
tracing skin textures and
            our lips
wrapped around each other
            like symbols
of a love yet to be defined
            I miss you

17 responses to “Sometimes”

  1. transience says:

    that just melted my heat, anil.

  2. gulnaz says:

    oooooooh!!! sweet as the sap in those trees!

  3. indigo says:

    wow, that’s really moving. I like imagery. I like the phrase, “tracing skin textures”

  4. . : A : . says:

    I like the imagery and the metaphor of the shadows playing the distance. Well written.

  5. lorena says:

    “of a love yet to be defined” oh this reminds me of my ‘what might have been’. sometimes i look back as well but unfortunately i still don’t know how to define what i had, what i’m looking at.
    great poem.

  6. Soulless says:

    A love poem with a touch of… hmm, Neruda in his sonnets. ^_^
    Always, you render me breathless when you write with such tenderness. As here…
    The whole piece reminds me of a long sigh. And a momentary sweep of lashes on the tear-path just beneath eyes that glisten with memories…

  7. Mermaid says:

    Lorena, I am shocked when I read your comments. I try not to, but on more than one occasion, I am seeing what you are. I, too, loved “of a love yet to be defined”. I think of a single act, creating energy in the universe, setting up other actions now in motion.

    Welcome back, Anil. I hope this one is indestructible.

  8. Geetanjali says:

    Sigh – beautiful!

    Specially loved these lines :
    “our lips
    wrapped around each other
    like symbols
    of a love yet to be defined”

    Makes me long…:-)

  9. finnegan says:

    Ah finally I’m able to access your site! Till now, your pages weren’t loading completely; sabotaging my efforts to read things like this Anil. Very lovely.

    It’s interesting to me how often contemporary poetry uses sensory equipment and related action verbs as metaphors. ‘Rewind’ “play back” and “fast forward” being but a few.

  10. anil says:

    transience: *smiles*….what more can I say?

    gulnaz: *smiles*…thank you…

    indigo: a warm welcome to you….and thank you for your nice words..

    :A: as always thank you very much…

    lorena: yes, its very difficult isnt’t it? to define something magical and otherwordly is beyond mere words….and thank you…

    soulless: a part of me wants to frame your comment and hang it in a place in my house where I can see it at least once a day and be inspired by such beautiful words…I bow with humility for the joy your comment gave me….I shall treasure it….thank you..thank you so much for this…I dont know if I deserve such high praise….

    Mermaid: your comment reminds me of the big bang…a single explosive event setting in motion the whole universe….something that is beyond comprehension….to continue that analogy I hope what you say comes true…I dont want to lose everything again…

    Geetanjali: *grins*…thank you as always…your comment made me smile for some reason…I guess because an image of you ‘sighing’ after reading this flashed through my mind!

    finnegan: thank you…your observation is spot on…we are all products of our age…incorporating words that anchor it into that partiucular age, time and even place….

  11. “tracing skin textures and
    our lips”

    Great line. Something I wish I had written. I like your writing very much. Feel free to stop by my site and say hello, if you get a chance.

  12. anil says:

    Anonymous Poet: Thank you so much for your wonderful comments…it was very nice to have you here and hope to see more of you here….

  13. stella says:

    such a beautiful poem. >> i can read it over and over again.

  14. anil says:

    stella: let me simply say thank you for your lovely words….

  15. Thank you for sharing your poem with us…it was an amazing poem…

  16. Kiran says:

    came across ur blog through top100bloggers.com
    u really write wonderful poems.. loved them 🙂

  17. anil says:

    Nasra: I seemed to have missed answering you..but as they say better late than never..so thank you….

    Kiran: ah a warm welcome to you here…its an honor to be appreciated so!

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