There I lay open
on the examination table
all my parts neatly arranged
like a high school biology diagram.

My separated eyes
leaking blood
into my upturned palm.

My grey and white matter
mingling with the filtered contents
of my drooping kidneys.

My shriveled testicles
in the company
of my jaundiced tongue.

My constricted anus
ignoring the abuse
of my screaming lips.

My enlarged liver and my enraged pancreas
creating an identity crisis for
my depressed ears.

My sunburnt skin sloughed off
and arranged in small piles beside
the mutant glow of my bleached teeth.

My adrenals exchanging high fives
with the spliced end
of my sexy spleen.

My pretty green gall bladder
tangled up
in the chilly red of my arteries.

My throat cut off in mid-sentence
leaning against
my fragile funny bone.

My vacated heart
still pulsing and dripping
in the center.

And finally my central locking lever
standing aloof and awaiting deliverance
from an unsatisfied fuck lust
inside the rigor mortified fist
of my unfamiliar right hand.