Twin Towers

I hold silence in my hand
Near the Wells of Reason
As golden sunbeams sing a dirge
To the victims of virtual reality

Where were the heroes?
Of time, fate and sad yesterdays
As soft petals of sorrow rained down
From burning heavens up above

We tried so hard to run away
From the sweet smell of death
As time seemed to stand still
Before the scepter of perfect death

Finally, the union of earth and sky ended
And the skies came crashing down
A tormented wind filled the vacuum
Left behind by beautiful dreams and eternal hope

Bottles and Jars

Bottles and Jars
I’ve had the Minolta Dynax 9 with me for many months now and shot a few rolls with it. But until now I hadn’t managed to scan the films. So here it is finally, the first photo on this photoblog with my Dynax 9. This was shot outside Vienna, Austria in April this year.

The Dynax 9 is arguably the best pro film SLR ever produced, released just before the transition to the digital era. Built like a tank but so easy and intuitive to use. Perhaps the only ‘pro’ camera that you can pick up and start shooting without going through a manual first. It is virtually a crime that Minolta managed to screw up the timing of the release and subsequent marketing of this amazing camera. And they went and further crippled it by not upgrading it but instead releasing a similar featured, technically more modern but less pro Dynax 7. Even though with the advent and convenience of shooting digital I do not use it as much as I’d like to I don’t think I can ever give up one of the finest photographic tools ever produced!

Vande Mataram

Vir Sanghvi writes in Hindustan Times on the controversy surrounding the singing of the national song Vande Mataram. I agree with every point he has raised. It is unfortunate that the question of singing a song has snowballed into an issue of patriotism and religion. The level to which politicians will stoop to garner a few brownie points with disenchanted elements of society is pathetic. In the end, a song is neither a test for forced patriotism nor is it an important enough issue to deliver a religious decree against it. As Vir Sanghvi rightly points out there are more important issues such as access to good education and proper health care that need to be dealt with first.

I’ll let the man do the rest of the talking. You can read the very well-written article here.