Random Fragments II


Aural delights, and
Thought poems
Light up
My grey body
With the light of
Exploding stars


Blue blades
Of thought
Pass through
The low valleys
Of my mind
Setting fire
To the dry wood
Of my ego


Inside my head
A dream
Its maroon wrapper

Delicate, fragile
Like a child’s smile
Like a woman’s womb

I peer
I await

Snow and glow
Ecstasy and intimacy


It’s all sounds
Out there

Bird trills, car whooshes,
Flower blooms, wind whispers,
Insect buzzes, cycle bells,
Exhaust blows, human sighs,
Heater burps, love tweaks

And in the midst
Of this golden orchestra

Your clear tenor
Spreading wings
Singing my soul songs


I missed you

On cold benches
Inside my heart’s trenches
In wet paper
In my thought’s vapor
Beside empty halls
In dark cellars
Outside barred doors
Under tiled floors
Between withered trees
Around my mind’s chimneys


Covered in red
I sit here
And try to imagine
The quiet warmth
Of your soft body
Entwined with mine


In the new room
I sit
Old sounds
Around me

I wait
For you
To come back
From your painful picnic


We dreamt
Of future love
And painful patience
But you
Lost interest so fast


Are you happy?
Having shattered
My moving
My fragile


I was looking
At the other side
When you plunged
The dagger of hate
In my back

You cut open
My lacerated heart
Like a red melon
And feasted
On the pain
On the hurt
On the seeds of love
Like a starving succubi


See the rain
Sweep away the silver
From our volatile dreams


I hope that
In the quiet solitude
Of your lonely dreams
You wonder
What if?

What if
Life hadn’t
Changed lanes
Switching to the
Opposite lane
Of slow obscurity?


The walls
Of familiar politeness
Are up

Let me celebrate
In silent apathy

What a letdown!
What an anti-climax!

True love
Is a perfect

Noam Chomsky On Hegemony and Disarmament

An interview with one of the few prominent Americans with, what I’d like to call as, a global conscience. The interview seems to end abruptly but it is still very interesting. In this age of corporatised media and selective reporting it is necessary that we have people like Noam Chomsky questioning the established view and offering a different, perhaps more realistic take on current affairs. You can read the interview here.

The Climber

The Climber
Another one from the archives. I didn’t post this before as I wasn’t sure about it. Obvious criticisms would be that the composition is too centric, the perspective isn’t right and perhaps I should have framed it a bit differently, including the whole body of the climber for example. But having said that I like the way it looks in monochrome and the contrast. So here it is. Feel free to voice your criticism through email.


Time crying
In golden streams

Lifting spirits
Bending wills

I pause
With answers

“The line is straight”

Time laughing
Like wind chimes

Breaking bonds
Burning bridges

I run
With fear

“The line is a circle”

Time thinking
Like old trees

Forming connections
Erasing emotions

I look
In awe

“The line is a loop”

Time absorbing
Like a black hole

Painting pictures
Fading sounds

I weep
With sadness

“The line is an ellipse”

Time leaking
Like broken umbrellas

Filling outlines
Masking details

I cry
With pain

“The line is a full stop”

A Wild Sky

A Wild Sky
I got this yesterday. We have been getting beautiful skies here over the past few days but yesterdays’s was the best. Unfortunately, by the time I reached home and set up the camera in my friend’s balcony I missed the best part and only managed to get this.