In your eyes
I see the tears
Of a love struggling
To find a foothold
On the cold crags
Of my frozen feelings

These words flowed
Like fresh honey
These words purred
Like a snuggling cat
Once upon a time

Some things never change
My solitude
My melancholia
Partners in crime

All around me
Are fragments of hope
Scarred and burnt

My love
Your smile

                                                                        I’m to blame
                                                                        But remember
                                                                        You are not clean
                                                                        You are not a saint

                                                                        Don’t waste
                                                                        Your breath
                                                                        Cursing me
                                                                        As you said
                                                                        I’m not worth it

                                                                        Go ahead
                                                                        Blame me
                                                                        For everything
                                                                        You were so good
                                                                        At that anyway

                                                                        Perhaps you forgot
                                                                        The heavy silence I got
                                                                        From you
                                                                        When I had opened
                                                                        My heart
                                                                        For you, twice?

                                                                        My silence
                                                                        Was not
                                                                        Of my own

                                                                        Like many others
                                                                        To cross
                                                                        The doorstep

Your words came
Like the sea
Drowning me
In questions of
What if?

And now the dreams
Can be burnt
In one big bonfire
As farewell signs

Sometime, somewhere
When someone whispers
Look around
It might be me

We will live
And dream
About a love
Left to dry out
In the harsh glare
Of our indifference

Reigns supreme
Gloating over
Our still-born dreams